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    Elf House Directions

    Make your own Elf House. These simple directions are a starting place for lots of creative ideas. Make a home, a workshop, even a disco dance studio! Happy Holidays!
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    Honey Bunny Gnome

    In honor of our bunny, Pumpkin, winning at the county fair, we have our knitted Honey Bunny Gnome free for August. Enjoy!
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    Moody Pumpkins

    Celebrate autumn with these expressive felt pumpkins. How are they feeling? A great craft activity for creative play, or for children learning to share their feelings or who have trouble talking when they are upset. Children can share how they feel on their pumpkin. Happy sewing!
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    Sew Sweet Felt Ornaments

    A lovely sewing project for young children, these ornaments make trees (and children) happy. Happy holidays!
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    Sweet Little Skirt: Halloween Skirt

    We made this skirt with Halloween Fabric, but the design can be used anytime of year. This skirt has a contrasting trim and top border with hidden seams. Fun for wearing and twirling!