Star Babies made by Children

This time of year is all about the magic of making and giving. The Star Babies are a delight to make and share. They are perfect ornaments or decorations on a shelf. Over the years, we’ve made hundreds of star babies with children. They enchant children. This year, Asia brought a new technique to class. And the kids loved it!

This year, they painted the beads different colors. Classes discussed different skin tones and mixing colors. They painted beads different colors. Star babies enjoy being represented in many different colors.

All of the directions, with photographs, to make Star Babies are in our first Forest Fairy Crafts* book. We paint the beads with watercolors. Make a few for your tree with children you love :)

Paint beads first so they can dry while you sew decorations on your felt. And embrace that messy stitching :)

Enjoy the holidays!

*affiliate link- a small portion returns to the Forest while your price remains the same. Thank you for your support!