Summer Party Blog Tour

Summer is almost here Blog Tour with Forest Fairy Crafts

We are celebrating summer with a Blog Tour!

Summer Fairy Doll made with Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons book by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie | Charming and playful crafts for children

Travel the world to visit with Fairy Crafters and see what they create using Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons. We’re inspired to see what they enjoy about fairy crafts.

With students home for summer, days may feel extra long. Fairy crafts are entertaining for quiet time on a hot afternoon. Then, when the weather cools, take your crafts outside to play and build them houses.

We know that children need to keep reading through summer break. Books like the Fairy Crafts books give valuable chances for meaningful reading with lots of photographs which support understanding. Kids love having fun while reading :)

Follow all the updates for inspiration!

June 9 Welcome

June 11 C&T

June 12 Annette Bay Pimentel

June 13 We Bloom Here

June 14 Clever Chameleon

June 21 Thank You and Wrap Up

Forest Fairy Crafts Giveaway

Now, for awesome news! We get to give away ebooks of both Forest Fairy Crafts and Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons! We will select a winner after the blog tour ends. Each host gets to giveaway a cope of Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons- visit them for more chances to win!

Winner wins ebook versions of Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons and Forest Fairy Crafts sent via email. Perfect for summer crafting :)

To enter, comment here. For additional chances, enter where the Giveaway Announcement appears on

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We hope your summer is filled with magic :)

Winner will be chosen by random number on June 21. Ebooks are sent via email. Good luck!

My boy’s favorite craft from the book is the Shooting Star beanbag. He loves it because it’s “easy to catch.” We love crafts that are fun to play with later in the day :) What’s your favorite seasonal activity?

Favorite Spring Fairies

Spring fairies enjoy all the blossoms and sunshine of spring. They find spring enchanting as they flit among the branches in the garden. We love the soft colors of spring.

So do the fairies!

Some of our favorite spring blooms are Dogwood trees and camilla blooms. What inspires you in the springtime?

I’m taking a moment to enjoy the magic of spring before I dive into prepping for a super-fun Summer Party! The party begins on June 9th. The fairies are getting ready :)

Fairy Bendy Doll for Spring | Learn to make your own enchanted crafts with simple supplies with the Forest Fairy Craft books by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

Memorial Day

The fairies say thank you to all the families that are directly affected by Memorial Day. The freedoms that are part of the fabric of everyday life were defended by people over time. These families have appreciation from the fairy forest. Personally, we craft with many children of military families. We see how lasting effects impacts soldiers and their families, from health concerns to mental wellness, long after active duty has ended. The fairies appreciate those who stand for freedom and safety worldwidel. At the same time, fairies, and all their gnomes and critter friends, hope for days (and years) of peace around the world.

We remember heroes and support families and hope for peace.

Forest Fairy Crafts | Red, White, and Blue Fairy for Memorial Day and patriotism
Forest Fairy Crafts | Red, white, and blue patriotic bendy fairy dolls

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to our one and only home planet! The fairies love all the wild places of earth. We live among the Forest Fairies, but river fairies and ocean fairies and mountain fairies may be closer to your home. We created this Happy Earth Day fairy to celebrate all the blues and greens of sky, leaves, and water.

Earth Day Fairy by Forest Fairy Crafts | Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

I found flower-shaped sequins which made simple sparkly decorations on her hat. We used “pinking shears” which have zig-zag edges for the crown shape on her hat band. For her hair, we used color changing green-white yarn and blue yarn with sparkles (and occasional sequins). Since each fairy takes a small amount of yarn, I look for interesting yarn that add to my collection. I also doubled the crochet thread around her dress for the blue/pale green layering effect.

Thinking about Earth Day fairies means being inspired by nature. What are the colors around your home? What sort of nature can be found, even in cities? What does a nature fairy mean for your part of the world?

The other thing that I feel is super-valuable for children is talking about respecting nature at all ages. Children may not realize that hitting trees with sticks can harm the tree, or plucking flowers may not help bees, or trampling young plants underfoot may not help those plants grow. Children are open to the idea of helping nature grow. They just need to learn what that means in their daily lives.

Earth Day Fairy by Forest Fairy Crafts | Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

For us, we are mindful of nature by reusing supplies (that yarn stash that lasts me for years) and buying from thoughtful suppliers (as opposed to “cheap” supplies).

When I take photos, I am careful of the environment. We made the illusion of a fairy sitting in a flower with Photoshop magic. We visited a local favorite garden at Crystal Hermitage where they grow over 5000 tulip bulbs. We balanced the fairy by holding the flower carefully. Then we took the fairy away, and I took another of the flower by itself. Then I could “paint” the hand away by layering the two photos together.

This meant that no flowers were harmed in the making of our photos. Respecting our earth is a daily habit. And celebrating should last all year. We hope that you get to enjoy nature today!

May your Earth Day be filled with magic :)

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Happy Spring

Hurrah! Spring is here! And with spring comes all the petals and colors and inspiration of spring. Now is the perfect time to make little fairies for Easter Baskets. Or gift the book Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons for delightful crafting with little people in your life. Celebrate the many ways we grow together! We’re excited to bring out all the colors of spring. Happy changing of the seasons!

And to our friends on the opposite hemisphere, happy Autumn!

And, if you want even more fairy magic, discover our first book, Forest Fairy Crafts 🌸

Happy Spring from Forest Fairy Crafts
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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Leprechauns wish you a delightful Saint Patrick’s Day!

Photo credit 📷C&T Publishing

The leprechauns found gold! Here’s to all the little folk surprising little people with magical antics today!

The leprechaun gold is actually pebbles painted with gold paint (not for little people that taste their toys).

The directions for these leprechauns are in the first Forest Fairy Craft book, which can be downloaded so you can make them today or any day :)

Photo credit 📷C&T Publishing

The fairies of the forest send lots of good luck to you and your family today 🍀💛💚

Leprechaun Ninja

Edit to add: Thank you everyone for entering! The Leprechaun Ninja is traveling to her new home with Jenn. We appreciate all of your kind words! We’re busy creating for the next giveaway. Visit again soon and/or subscribe to our newsletter for all the updates :)

The past few years have seen Leprechauns learning new skills. And a very secret type of Leprechaun is the Leprechaun Ninja. What, what? Think about who protects the gold, who can change rainbows, and who is willing to put everything on the line for adventure? Especially with the rise of Leprechaun Traps in the world, these ninjas enjoy going on quests to help their communities.

We had a great time making her one rainy afternoon. My daughter thought of the idea for rainbow braids, because Leprechauns are fond of rainbows (another meaning to gold at the end of the rainbow being a golden personality :)).

Leprechaun Ninja from Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

That led to a little challenge, which is usually solved by gluing the hat on the head. Adding the yarn for the hair leaves a little patch bare on the back of her head. I wanted the hat to be able to go on and off since her smile is cute. We solved this by painting the back of her head with a tiny bit of green paint, which looks like her hair color. The wings mostly cover the back of her head anyway.

And she looks so cute from the front with her braids and no hat :)

She is now a favorite new character in fairyland. We’ve been having fun mixing and matching different characters lately. Directions for both the Ninja and the Leprechaun are in our first Forest Fairy Crafts book*.

Leprechaun Ninja from Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

She even has a glow-in-the-dark bead on her hat to light her way at night :)

Now, for the best news of the day. She wants to explore. So we’re hosting a giveaway!

Winner wins the leprechaun ninja made by Lenka sent anywhere in the United States (apologies to International friends). Forest Fairies are not appropriate for young children who enjoy tasting their toys (choking hazard).

To enter, comment here. For additional chances, enter on

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We hope your month is filled with magic :)

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Wishing you the magic of the season 🍀💚

For more leprechaun ideas, visit our post about Leprechaun Babies and Happy Leprechaun Season. Enjoy 💛

Valentine's Heart Garland

Hurrah for decorating! And hurrah for crafting homemade decorations that help a house feel like a cozy home. The personal touches that go into homemade decorations make for charming displays (and gifts). This year I made a Valentine Garland using our Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons book. And then we used the garland for a delightful Valentine themed campsite at Inn Town Campground.

Valentine Heart Garland | Forest Fairy Crafts at the Inn Town Campground

The garland can be made by anyone- children or adults. I find myself making decorations even when my children are older, because I love being able to share the spirit of homemade in every season.

And it helps that winter is one of my favorite seasons for crafting. As the wind blusters and blows outside and rain (or snow) piles up everywhere, it’s lovely to sit with thread, sequins, and felt.

Valentine Heart Garland | Forest Fairy Crafts at the Inn Town Campground

For this garland, I followed the directions on page 108 for the leaf garland. The next page has ideas for making our own patterns and garlands. I used the heart as inspiration.

One thing that we believe strongly is that children (and adults) benefit immensely from Invitations to Create. These are ideas or questions that encourage independent thinking. We have encountered a few times where folks say, “Why don’t you tell them what to do instead of asking what they want? Don’t most craft books give instructions?”

Well, we give instructions and offer ideas for inventions and creative growth. After all, the world needs creative problem solvers and innovation. Why not encourage that with invitations to make craft projects unique?

HeartGarlandLenkalandAll Rights Reserved-9.jpgValentine Heart Garland | Forest Fairy Crafts at the Inn Town Campground

For my garland, I found the pom poms already made (or you could search online for pom poms or felt balls if you want to make those, too). I cut a stack of red hearts. One hint, it’s easier, for me, to cut when the pattern is another piece of felt- paper is slippery. So I cut one heart using the pattern on Page 136, then used that heart to cut more. You could also trace the heart onto the felt and cut that way. Whatever feels fun for you :)

I sewed across the top third of my hearts, adding red sequins. I used large stitches. Between each heart, I strung a pom pom.

If you don’t know how to sew, or if you’re making with children, our book has all of the steps for tying knots, adding sequins, and even cutting patterns. It’s an engaging, and rewarding, quick craft that can decorate anywhere from a mantle, windowsill, or campsite.

Share the love :)

Discover directions for the heart garland in Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons (which has ideas for many seasonal crafts). And visit the Inn Town Campground for your own enchanted getaway in the forest :)

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Thankful Fairy

Welcome to a season of thankfulness (which really is every season, right? ;)). We adore creating this fairy for everything we are thankful for in our lives. We start thankful thoughts with a fairy that notices things to appreciate. From the very small little things like saying “please” and “thank you” to the very big things like air and mountains, the world is filled with amazing things to appreciate.

After making a fairy, we create a space for collecting gratitudes. Writing gratitudes is perfect for craft time at home, writing at school, or homeschool curriculums. Collections can be created many different ways. We’ve made a book by folding paper in half and threading it together along the spine. Click here for more ideas for sewing a book. Actually, as I reflected on how we made these books, I realized that we didn’t sew the Gratitudes together until the end, so busy beavers could have thirty pages while slow and steady learners could have seven pages and not feel intimidated by blank emptiness waiting to be filled.

Thankful Fairy from Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie | Fairy doll for crafting with children

We’ve also written ideas on leaf-shaped papers to hang on branches for a Thankful Tree. And written on little slips of paper to collect in a box.

The amazing thing about taking note of appreciation over time, is that kids notice more and more things that inspire their gratitude.

We would start pages for a book, then, after collecting them for a week or two, we would bind them into a book. At first, children might struggle to notice a gratitude. Or they would go silly. I wouldn’t judge their choices. Everything is an important things to notice. And children move from idea to idea quickly. So the next day, perhaps they would settle into deeper connections. And, inevitably, they would have a collection of ideas that brought them pride, and maybe a few smiles too.

Thankful Fairy from Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie | Fairy doll for crafting with children

Easy ways to make projects for many ages and different learners

  • Start with loose pages. That way they can collect without running out of room or getting overwhelmed by blank pages.

  • For children who haven’t learned to write, an adult can write the sentences. Students enjoy reading their books no matter who writes the words.

  • Younger learners, or learners who can use writing support, may benefit from an adult writing I am grateful for ….. on each page.

  • Those learning to write can trace the letters I am grateful for … to practice. Or they can fill just the ends of sentences if tracing takes too much time.

  • Add drawings. If you write, I am grateful for family at the top of the page, an illustration of family adds to the magic.

Fairies love to help write the books or slips of paper. They also love to hear them read aloud. And by making gratitude a daily practice, children aren’t surprised by the question, “What are you thankful for?” And cultivating a sense of gratitude is a lifelong trait that brings happiness to children, their adults, and the fairies :)

What are you grateful for?

Speaking of that, it’s fun and wonderful modeling to create a book with the children. The more gratitude, the merrier.

We are grateful for you!

And directions to make the Autumn Fairy (perfect for gratitude) is in the Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons* book.

Gratitude is appreciated all year :)

*affiliate link- should you choose to purchase, a small amount returns to the forest while your price remains the same.

A Fairy Witch Giveaway

Forest Fairy Crafts Witch | Fairy doll made by Lenka Vodicka

Looks like the season of the witch is here! We adore spooky witches and fun witches. This year, I decided to use different colors than the usual black or purple to make witches. This orange witch warms my heart. She’s so festive! And perfect for fall.

Forest Fairy Crafts Witch | Fairy doll made by Lenka Vodicka

And we want to share her with you. So we’re sending her a lucky winner :) Enter by commenting, then, if you want more chances to win, visit Forest Fairy Crafts with the following links. May the magic of the season be with you :)

Enter on

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Winner wins an orange fairy witch made by Lenka sent anywhere in the United States (apologies to International friends). Forest Fairies are no appropriate for young children who enjoy tasting their toys (choking hazard).

Good Luck!! 🍀

Of course, if you want to make your own witch (or a few witches), all the directions, with photos, are in our Forest Fairy Crafts* book. With zombies, warlocks, and wizards, too! The fairy forest loves Halloween!

*affiliate link- a small amount is given to the forest should you decide to purchase a copy. Your price remains the same. Thank you!

Fairy Fair Garden

Our county fair features Fairy Gardens, which is perfection! This year, my daughter and I had ideas. Then we thought about a Fairy Fair. Where fairies and gnomes come with their forest friends to share seasonal bounty and win blue ribbons. We had a fantastic time creating this little world. And we found innovative solutions to challenges like wire to hold the little animals upright. She’s a teen now, but we continue to discover magic with the fairies. You’re never too old for fairy crafting :)

Even fairies love a county fair!

Favorite Things from the New Book

Yay for discovering new fairies, gnomes, critters, and crafts. Yay for decorating homes with colorful, pretty garlands and ornaments. Yay for new ideas, new creativity, new celebrations. Yay for Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons*! 

This book inspired us with new ideas and projects. We wanted to build on the foundation of the first book while giving new techniques and inspiration for our community. Here are five of our favorite things in the new book. We look forward to hearing your favorites!

Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie
  • Crafting for Girls AND Boys- it was so important for us that everyone gets to craft. Every fairy has a version with a fairy wearing a dress and a fairy wearing shirt with pants. We notice that the crafter gets to choose what a fairy wears. Girls can wear pants and boys can choose skirts too, if they want. Fairies could wear kilts if they want! We often craft with boys who make fairies with dresses as gifts. We believe in including everyone. We also paid attention to colors throughout the book, from sample projects to design elements, to show lots of colors. We know that families craft together so it's important to include everyone in the creativity. Also, we see how boys love making toys and learning how to sew. Everyone gets to have fun together!
The bride and groom get to be part of the new book

The bride and groom get to be part of the new book

  • Diversity in the Forest- we found a way to create many different skin tones on fairies and gnomes. By painting the wood with watercolors, we were able to showcase all skin tones. Having representation is so important to us. We teach painting. We also model many different skin types in the example photos. All children deserve to see themselves in the crafts they create. Even our kid models for this book show diverse ethnicities. Everyone gets to be included in the Forest.
  • Empowering makers- making toys gives children tremendous creative expression. We teach the tools so that they can understand how to sew anything their imagination can design. We show one way, then invite other ways to make a project unique. This gives children an invitation to explore ideas and colors. We believe, strongly, that children are incredible makers. They love opportunities that empower the creative process. This book is a launchpad for creativity.
Gnome and his friends gather to celebrate the new book

Gnome and his friends gather to celebrate the new book

  • Gnomes- In this book, we got to make more gnomes. We developed a new technique wrapping thread around their tummy to give gnomes more color and texture. And we realized that two capes are fancier than one. By making one smaller cape and one bigger cape, the gnome designs are cute and look fancy while being accessible for kids to make. We include patterns and lots of photos for the gnomes.
Garlands with hearts and blossoms.

Garlands with hearts and blossoms.

  • Celebrating the year- by far the biggest request we hear is ideas for each new season. What projects can be brought to classrooms, homeschool students, and programs for children? What can inspire children, and their favorite adults, month after month? So many of our projects are designed to be made again and again. For example, a garland can use colorful felt leaves in autumn. Then it can be made with snowflakes in winter. And blossoms in spring. Or you can add raindrops, or clouds, or hearts, or stars. You can see how one project can lead to many more :)

Buy Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons on Amazon

What we love the most is celebrating the magic of childhood imaginations. We appreciate our community so, so much that has helped create Forest Fairy Crafts over the years. Our very favorite thing about this new book is getting to create more crafts with all of you! Thank you for coming along on the journey. Let's make magic :)

We cannot wait for every to get a copy of their own. Please, let us know what you think. What's your favorite project? Or your favorite idea in the book? 

You can order your copy on Amazon,* or visit your local bookseller. Let's return to the Forest!

*affiliate link- a small amount is given to the forest by the seller while your price remains the same. Win-win :) and thank you!

Book Month is Here!

It's almost time! This is the month! An entire new collection of fairies and crafts is arriving for children of all ages. The theme of this book is seasons. Each new season is a chance to celebrate and create. From the changing colors, to the scents of grass or cinnamon or snow, to the activities of collecting treasures or tossing beanbags, our book shares our favorite crafts.

Summer Fairy Family | Dolls and Gnome by Lenka Vodicka for crafting with children | Forest Fairy Crafts | Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons

The Summer Family

Autumn Fairy Family | Dolls and Gnome by Lenka Vodicka for crafting with children | Forest Fairy Crafts | Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons

The Autumn Family

Winter Fairy Family | Dolls and Gnome by Lenka Vodicka for crafting with children | Forest Fairy Crafts | Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons

The Winter Family

Spring Fairy Family | Dolls and Gnome by Lenka Vodicka for crafting with children | Forest Fairy Crafts | Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons

The Spring Family

And each family has critters, decorations, and crafts to go along with the fairies and gnomes. It's going to be so fun to see what everyone creates. You can preorder a copy of Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons on Amazon to be sure it arrives soon at your doorstep next week by clicking here*

We keep adding to our summer shelf. There's still time for epic summer crafting. What are you making today?

We're busy making a fairy garden to enter in the county fair. I'll take photos to share once we finish it. So fun to create fairylands. Hope you get to find magic today :)

Thank you to all the people who have preordered the book and supported the forest through the years. We appreciate you so much! 

*affiliate link allows us to earn a small percentage from Amazon while your price remains the same.

Crafting for Social Action

The world is not always easy. We want to protect children from the sadness of the world, especially the difficult moments or difficult ideas. However, part of our job, as adults, is to help them understand difficult ideas, from homelessness to grief to disasters. And, hopefully, we can empower children to make positive changes for the future. 

I often think of a quote by Mr. Rogers. Fred Rogers often told this story about when he was a boy and would see scary things on the news: “My mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.”

We can help children make sense of the world by showing them ways to express their support for helpers. Many groups and organizations showcase support with activities that may help children wrangle ideas into action. Every family, of course, needs to find their own way through a briar of life events that may or may not connect with a child's world.

For example, I was a first grade teacher during 9/11. We planned to keep conversations at home, where, hopefully, children wouldn't see the worst of the news. Then a student learned that one of her relatives was in one of a buildings. That family couldn't possible keep distance between current events and their child. You may not get to choose when a child reckons with global or local events.

What helped students throughout many years of teaching, and many scary events, was creating positive action. We made cards. We thanked first responders. We created thoughtful ways to express hope.

I am dismayed, with heartache, every time I hear about guns in schools. I want to insulate my children, except they come home with stories of Quiet Drills, or stories about when they're supposed to run into the woods instead of hiding in a closet. These drills break our collective hearts. 

Fairy in Orange for Children | Forest Fairy Crafts bendy doll

So my orange fairy shows support for Moms Demand and Everytown. I didn't want to put images of children online, but fairies are happy to be colorful supporting causes. 

Children may want to be involved with groups or ideals that resonate with them. They may want to help animal shelters or relief organizations. You may want to encourage social engagement. You may want to show support without posting images of children online. Enter the fairies. You can make fairies or crafts to support movements and empower children. Children can express themselves by sending crafts as gifts to first responders or people they admire. Or share photos of fairies online. Children, and fairies and crafts, can become the helpers. 

We know it's not easy. We know that we want to protect the children. We must treat their understanding of the world with compassion and care. Do your research before discussing any scary news events with children to learn what's appropriate for their age and understanding. If you do find yourself struggling with how to be a helper for children, perhaps crafts can help give intentional direction to the efforts. We all want a better world.  

We want children to believe the world is filled with good magic. Together, we can create more good magic in the world. I believe that with all my heart.

Just as the fairies believe in us. 

I did try a new technique with the hat, using felt balls instead of beads on her hat, which turned out cute.

Fairy in Orange for Children | Forest Fairy Crafts bendy doll

I put a heart button on her hat to show that we can be guided with love. That love matters most. 

Fairy in Orange for Children | Forest Fairy Crafts bendy doll

The world needs love. Always love. :)

The Night Garden Fairy

The Night Garden Fairy is inspired by evening in the garden, when light softens to dark blue and daytime critters settle down for a nap. Colors look different come evening, and for a few moments, during the Blue Hour before real dark settles over the forest, all the garden colors are especially lovely. This is her time. She visits all the butterflies to wish them good dreams as the moths wake up to play in moonlight. 

She started with dark blue felt. Then I found the bright butterfly ribbon and I knew I had to decorate a fairy with it. I puzzled, because each wing was thinly connected. And the butterflies were too small for sequins. So I used iridescent sequins and sewed one between each butterfly. It wasn't the most stable arrangement, so added a droplet of glue under one or two of the butterflies. 

She was a fun inspiration. And now I may need a Moonlight Fairy and a First Star Fairy and a Moth Fairy and a Dreamer Fairy. Oh, this could be a whole Nighttime Village :)

I hope she inspires you too! 

Spring Delights and Ideas

The sunshine is changing, can you feel it? There's a warmth that speaks to longer, lighter days. It's easy to stand in those little pockets of sunshine and soak it up. Of course, parts of the world are deep in winter. Here, though, spring is coming! And we couldn't be happier to see it arrive. Fairyland loves the springtime. We collect our favorite inspirations on our Pinterest board, Spring Delights.

We curated a few of the projects that look especially charming this year. The Easter bunnies are hard at work getting everything ready for Easter. Perhaps one of these projects may find its way into a basket in your home. Or you may want to make one with a child as spring days inspire you.

Egg Pockets perfect for hiding little gnomes inside by Rachel Wolf

Wee Brown Bunny Gift Bags are the cutest! Learn how to make them with 

This Stuffie Bunny and Artful Egg is a charming alternative to plastic eggs. Learn how to make the bunny and the egg with The Adventures of Bluegirlxo

Aw, a Butterfly Finger Puppet makes exploring a spring garden enchanting. Margaret Bloom shares how to make one on We Bloom Here

These Bunny Fingerpuppets enjoy romping in the garden as well. Their little tails! Learn how to make them with Molly's Sketchbook.

Spring Fairies | Bendy Dolls by Lenka Vodicka for Forest Fairy Crafts

Of course the fairies love springtime! They change into all the colors of blossoms and green growing sprouts and blue skies. Have fun mixing the colors of spring! All the details for making them are in our Forest Fairy Craft book*. The little leaf babies are another favorite springtime craft from the book.

Blossom Baby by Asia Currie at Forest Fairy Crafts

So many wonderful ways to celebrate springtime! We look forward to seeing all of your amazing crafts. Enjoy spring magic :)

*affiliate link means that your price remains the same and a small percentage returns to us for referring you. Thank you! The forest appreciates your support.