Happy Spring

Hurrah! Spring is here! And with spring comes all the petals and colors and inspiration of spring. Now is the perfect time to make little fairies for Easter Baskets. Or gift the book Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons for delightful crafting with little people in your life. Celebrate the many ways we grow together! We’re excited to bring out all the colors of spring. Happy changing of the seasons!

And to our friends on the opposite hemisphere, happy Autumn!

And, if you want even more fairy magic, discover our first book, Forest Fairy Crafts 🌸

Happy Spring from Forest Fairy Crafts
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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Leprechauns wish you a delightful Saint Patrick’s Day!

Photo credit 📷C&T Publishing

The leprechauns found gold! Here’s to all the little folk surprising little people with magical antics today!

The leprechaun gold is actually pebbles painted with gold paint (not for little people that taste their toys).

The directions for these leprechauns are in the first Forest Fairy Craft book, which can be downloaded so you can make them today or any day :)

Photo credit 📷C&T Publishing

The fairies of the forest send lots of good luck to you and your family today 🍀💛💚

Spring Delights and Ideas

The sunshine is changing, can you feel it? There's a warmth that speaks to longer, lighter days. It's easy to stand in those little pockets of sunshine and soak it up. Of course, parts of the world are deep in winter. Here, though, spring is coming! And we couldn't be happier to see it arrive. Fairyland loves the springtime. We collect our favorite inspirations on our Pinterest board, Spring Delights.

We curated a few of the projects that look especially charming this year. The Easter bunnies are hard at work getting everything ready for Easter. Perhaps one of these projects may find its way into a basket in your home. Or you may want to make one with a child as spring days inspire you.

Egg Pockets perfect for hiding little gnomes inside by Rachel Wolf

Wee Brown Bunny Gift Bags are the cutest! Learn how to make them with 

This Stuffie Bunny and Artful Egg is a charming alternative to plastic eggs. Learn how to make the bunny and the egg with The Adventures of Bluegirlxo

Aw, a Butterfly Finger Puppet makes exploring a spring garden enchanting. Margaret Bloom shares how to make one on We Bloom Here

These Bunny Fingerpuppets enjoy romping in the garden as well. Their little tails! Learn how to make them with Molly's Sketchbook.

Spring Fairies | Bendy Dolls by Lenka Vodicka for Forest Fairy Crafts

Of course the fairies love springtime! They change into all the colors of blossoms and green growing sprouts and blue skies. Have fun mixing the colors of spring! All the details for making them are in our Forest Fairy Craft book*. The little leaf babies are another favorite springtime craft from the book.

Blossom Baby by Asia Currie at Forest Fairy Crafts

So many wonderful ways to celebrate springtime! We look forward to seeing all of your amazing crafts. Enjoy spring magic :)

*affiliate link means that your price remains the same and a small percentage returns to us for referring you. Thank you! The forest appreciates your support. 

Favorite Fall Fairy Crafts

A few of our favorite Spooky Fairy Crafts

A few of our favorite Spooky Fairy Crafts

Spooky in the Forest is all about the fun of October. We love the darker paths, the gnarled trees and long shadows of evening. In the forest, our zombies have a sweet tooth. They enjoy tea parties. Our witches are candy-makers. Their cottages are sweetness and celebrations. 

We have collected a few of our favorites through the years in this post. We have the link for a Free Moody Pumpkin Tutorial here! Moody Pumpkins can change their mouth to show happy, sad, angry, or confused. Kids love sewing them all over the world. Thank you for sharing photos of your moody pumpkins with us!

Moody Pumpkins in the Forest

Moody Pumpkins in the Forest

We also have hints for sewing pumpkins with groups of children here.

A subtle change in an afternoon breeze signals a wonderful new season. Hints of falling leaves and a slight golden shimmer to sunshine whispers "autumn is here". 

We love autumn in the Forest. The fairies adore a summer ball and a winter holiday, but they also love autumn. They love the way trees become a riot of color. How wind rattles leaves along the ground. They love the crisp air. They love pumpkin spice everything (don't we all?) They love to decorate!

A few of our October favorites are here. We have a few new ideas to share over the next couple of weeks too. Fairies love to dress up for the season!

Fairy Witch by Lenka

Fairy Witch by Lenka

I love to make witches and warlocks. The tutorials for step-by-step instructions are in our book.

I also love zombies. The fun about fairy zombies is that these fairies really, really don't care about being tidy. Smear the ink on their faces. Wind the thread in wackadoodle directions, layer torn fabrics... Zombie fairies love it all.

One hint for zombies is to look in local Halloween displays for 'creepy cloth' or other table decorations that can become clothing. I bought a mantle cover of gray creepy cloth about three years ago. I still have tons of it left!

Fairy Zombie by Lenka

Fairy Zombie by Lenka

Instructions for the zombie and Pumpkin Fairy are in our book as well.

Pumpkin Fairy by Asia

Pumpkin Fairy by Asia

This pumpkin fairy is such a sweet Halloween friend and decoration. The stuffed pumpkin is attached to the fairy. Though I imagine you could make the pumpkin-styled sleeping bag that the fairy sleeps inside... ooh, ideas!

Anyway, this playful fairy is so fun for the season.

Of course, if you want an easy way to create a few spooky fairies and crafts of your own, you can visit our Etsy Shop. We have one Pumpkin Fairy Craft Kit. We also have a Spooky Toy Maker Kit that has lots of supplies, including creepy cloth!

Spooky Toy Maker Kit

Spooky Toy Maker Kit

And if you would like to have a witch of your own made by Lenka, we have one left. She's a bit sassy :)

Fairy Witch by Lenka

Fairy Witch by Lenka

You can find her here.

Enjoy all the fun of the season!

*this post does contain affiliate links to our book. If you choose to purchase, we receive a small commission while your price remains the same. Thank you for supporting the Forest.