February Fairy Family


I am crafting my way through the wait-list for fairies.  These two capture this particular 2012 winter-season for me.  Winter here in Northern California has been overcast and chilly.  But no dramatic storms. No major snow.  Hardly feels like winter at all.  So here are fairies of the season, with their cool colors, their hints of springtime with brightness here and there.  They sing of color. 

And they remind me of the quieter days of winter, when the forest is sleepy and still.  The girl, well, she is ready for spring with her bright pink wings.  She may be dressed in cool colors, but she celebrates the flowers that will be here soon.

I rarely have a plan when I craft these fairies.  I sit with my felts and my petals and let them inspire me.  I am lucky indeed.

Oh, and the Mama-fairy (or sister-fairy) has a fancy hat.  She has an icy bead and silver bell that reminds me of frosty mornings.

The flower bead on her hat is a dark green, as well.  A quiet promise.  We believe :)

Wishing you a lovely day!

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