Giving Thanks

We are so thankful for you for visiting us and supporting us as we craft our fun little creations.  We are very grateful!

We were inspired by Julie at This Cosy Life.  She shared a lovely Gratitude Tree.  A couple of us on Twitter (Julie and Tilly) shared the experience with our own families.  The day before Thanksgiving, the kids and I painted with watercolors on both sides of the paper to make leaves.  We found a couple of birch branches on the ground outside.  We brought the leaves to our family gathering with the branches and colored pencils.  

Then, as adults enjoyed each other's company, the kids got to work :)

My niece, Mila, knew just what she wanted to write.  My Mommy.

Ian looked to his sister for inspiration.  His gratitude?  Fire.

Even more than the actual project, listening to their conversations was rewarding.  One idea led to another.  Pets, family, friends . . . Anika wrote "I am thankful for life."

Noticing the simple things.

The craft itself was fun for them, too.  With beautiful results.

They loved their tree so much, we made room on the Thanksgiving table.  Being careful of the candles, of course.

We brought the tree home.  And I could say Thanksgiving is over, but this tree will be an ongoing craft.  We can add leaves through the holiday season.  After all, autumn is still splendid outside.  

The energy might shift today (in some places) to Christmas, and all the abundance and wanting of that holiday.  After all, Christmas can be about gifts we want.  While this tree is about the gifts that we already have.  Each and every day.  

I think I'll also tuck the leaves away to bring out again next year.  So we can build and reflect.  Be thankful for this wild and precious life :)