Maker Faire Favorites

I had a fantastic time discovering Maker Faire this year! We had never been to this event before. I was blown away. So much creativity and talent. I am inspired. And maybe, just maybe, we can bring Forest Fairy Crafts to the faire next year. I think we would have a fun time sharing our crafts with all of the Maker-Families :)

I did want to share a couple of my favorite makers. I found this wonderful yarn from Ceallach Yarns. Her color combinations were dreamy.

I am not sure what I will create with this yarn yet, but I have lots of ideas!

Also for my project-plate, I found Georgie Monster, a soft animal pattern by Claire Sanders.

We fell in love with his little wings. We can't wait to make a few this summer! Her Etsy Shop is Fluff Engine. She was a lovely maker and I hope to make more of her fun patterns. Her owl pattern is free! Yay!

I wished I could add a few of Laurel Begley's ceramics to my collection. She catches a sweet whimset in her little mushrooms and critters. I may need to order one for taking photos of fairies beside it. Just so I can have one of these in my home :)

Her website is here and her Etsy Shop is Laurel Begley's Ceramics.

I loved OddFauna for her quirky, lovely art and critters. She had so much fun imagining these little beasts. And every print made me smile.

I especially wanted her little totems. I could have brought home a monster-zoo.

Her website is here and her store is here.

I learned that I need to save for next year, so I won't come home thinking, I really should have... Because these are incredible artists, however they express their vision.

I found a few artists who inspired me. One was Erica Sirotich. Her prints are here. I want a few for my children's room (and my room :))

These are just a few of the many amazing artists that I got to meet at Maker Faire. If you don't know about the faire, and you can get to San Mateo next spring, you should come! It's a festival celebrating creative passions! 

Which is joyful fun! I hope you are inspired, too :)