Nevada City Craft Fair 2013

We love a good fair! All the lights and festivity make for a delightful day.

We haven't visited a fair in awhile so this was our first time sharing our book with the public.

We share the book often with family and friends. Which is awesome, but seeing the reactions at the fair inspired us! Such lovely responses :)

"Come see the fairies!"

Oh, and us too :)

The best part of crafting is the people. I couldn't do this without Asia! She is magical :).

Creating a little enchanted forest :)

The best part of the day was seeing the forest inspire visitors. So many people will be making fairies and treasure keepers this year! Thank you to everyone who could stop by. We have closed our etsy shop because a lot of our goodies were sold at the fair. And we have new custom orders. Like a ninja-kit. I need to go work on that :)

Happy holidays!