Book Template

Free Fun Book Craft

When I'm not crafting fairies and magical friends, I teach at the Nevada City School of the Arts.  And this is a favorite activity book with kids ages 7 and up.  Younger children love it too, if I trace the basic shape lightly so they know where to put the head and feet. 

Everyone loves a flip-book, especially a creepy, silly flip-book.

The fun begins when you flip the pages and make new stories.

This is a fantastic project for children learning to read because they can hold parts of the story as familiar text.  And the illustrations support the words.  Children will read over and over so they get different beginnings, or middles, or endings.

The creativity with this project is in your child's illustrations.  I drew these examples to share how the book works, but you will find that the template is blank except for words and cutting guides.  Each page also has small marks at the neck and waist.  Guide children to draw with the head and legs starting at those marks so the creatures match from page to page.  The cat will need to be drawn sitting up to match the other creatures.

I am happy to help if you have questions or get stuck.  I suggest allowing children to draw each page as a whole sheet, then binding the book with yarn or staples, and cutting last.  

Enjoy!  Feel free to share with your teacher and homeschooling friends!  I love inspiring children to read! :)

Click here for The Crazy Creepy Creature Book PDF