Fairy Witch

Whimsical Witches

What’s a fun gift for a baby nursery? Especially when her family loves magic? A gathering of witches especially for baby.

To make them, I used the witch pattern from Forest Fairy Crafts. I chose different colors (white/lavender/light blue/turquoise). I cut a hat from each color, a small heart, and a dress from each color. Then I mixed them around into different combinations. This gave the mobile a sense of connection between the fairies. And, once I start sewing, it’s easy to lose track of colors and end up with two identical hats or outfits.

I cut one small heart to measure on a hat before sewing anything together. Then I adjusted that to the right size. I used that to cut three more hearts (totaling 4, one of each color). I sew the hearts onto the triangle before sewing the hat together.

I use floral wire to create the mobile, and felt balls for added color and whimsy. I added loops to each hat so, when baby’s older, she could take the fairies off the mobile for magical playtime. Once she’s done with a toy-tasting phase of toddlerhood, of course.

We painted the beads for different skin tones using watercolors paints. Our other book, Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons, shares more information about painting beads.

One of my favorite things is taking a idea, like the witch, and giving the idea a fresh perspective. Creating this mobile was a treat. Every baby brings magic into the world. We celebrate each and every one :)

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And I love the idea that witches can be bright and colorful :) May their magic find you today :)

A Fairy Witch Giveaway

Forest Fairy Crafts Witch | Fairy doll made by Lenka Vodicka

Looks like the season of the witch is here! We adore spooky witches and fun witches. This year, I decided to use different colors than the usual black or purple to make witches. This orange witch warms my heart. She’s so festive! And perfect for fall.

Forest Fairy Crafts Witch | Fairy doll made by Lenka Vodicka

And we want to share her with you. So we’re sending her a lucky winner :) Enter by commenting, then, if you want more chances to win, visit Forest Fairy Crafts with the following links. May the magic of the season be with you :)

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Winner wins an orange fairy witch made by Lenka sent anywhere in the United States (apologies to International friends). Forest Fairies are no appropriate for young children who enjoy tasting their toys (choking hazard).

Good Luck!! 🍀

Of course, if you want to make your own witch (or a few witches), all the directions, with photos, are in our Forest Fairy Crafts* book. With zombies, warlocks, and wizards, too! The fairy forest loves Halloween!

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A Season of Witches

I made witches this weekend.  I brought them to Make Local Habit (local store).  I am constantly amazed how I can take similar supplies and create completely unique fairies.  They take on a life of their own :)

She had a sparkly black felt for her hat and tunic.  Together, they are sweet happy magic :)

I plan to make a few more in the next week before I move on to Harvest Fairies and Holiday Fairies.  I have one on my waiting list that I am busy sewing.  If you are interested in having a witch of your own, contact me soon.

The spooky season passes way too quickly :)