Pixie Owl

Pixie Owl, Hedgie, and Blue Gnome

Asia is busy in the forest! Look at the new little creations she shared with me today. So sweet!

Introducing the Pixie Owl!

The front is a little pocket for treasure or teeth for the tooth fairy. The owl is a plushie. Our girls, who are both 9 and moving into a different kind of fantastic forest, where fluffy pink is becoming whimsical blue (aka a little older) both love the make-believe of this owl. In fact, the design is inspired by a sketch drawn by Asia's daughter. They both want one of their own. Which is good since Asia is making kits!

Then, look what wandered into the meadow of my front yard.

A hedgehog! We have both been puzzling about a hedgehog design for awhile. Asia's is perfect!

He is so cute! We all love to fluff his little spines and smooth him down again. I have a class story that I use with a porcupine about feelings and when we get frustrated, we can be prickly. He will be perfect with that story. She is designing a kit for him, too. She's working on directions right now. I have a feeling we will be sewing more than one in our house.

I made something new for the forest, too. My little blue gnome.


My daughter greeted him with, "Can we keep him? I can keep him, right, Mom?"

And of course I said yes. So I need to knit more blue gnomes. I have a feeling he will be popular this year. Blue and white seem to be new holiday colors :).  He's fun. Perhaps I will try a tutorial, if I have time :).  The red yarn has little sequins through it, which gives sparkle.

I will keep you posted, of course, as we finish these projects. For anyone local, Asia brought kits to Make Local Habit today. If you live farther away, you can email me or visit our Etsy shop and we are happy to send goodies your way. We want everyone to have creative holidays :)