fancy fairies

Peppermint Fairies

Every year I like to create a fancy fairy. I want to inspire myself. This year, my daughter is dancing in the Nutcracker. She is a peppermint. What a perfect theme for a fairy! And of course I had to make two, one with white on red and the other with red on white.

I planned to keep one and sell one to share the joy, but my girl will have none of that. They are sisters, you see, and cannot be seperated. So our home now has two new sparkly sweet-fairies!

I must admit, I don't mind. I couldn't choose one, either.

To make these fairies, I collected lots of red and white goodies since fall. Beads, baker's twine, sparkly ribbon... I bought the chenille stems (pipe cleaners) already twisted red and white. And the candy canes were with the Christmas Miniatures in the craft store.

I am not planning on making anymore for this year. She was a puzzle! I rarely use glue except to put the hair and hat on their heads. For these ones, though, I glued the ribbon onto their hats after a few attempts to sew with tiny-tiny stitches. It was a lot of work! Then the ribbon slipped anyway and the spiral wasn't matching... The fun of crafting, the labrynth with lots of false-ends where you turn around with another way, there must be another way. :)

My girl adores them. And they will remind me of this year and her dancing in the land of sweets. A happy holiday season indeed! 

Fancy Fairies

Every few months I am inspired.  This time, my cousin was celebrating her wedding.  Their blended family has two little boys.  So of course I had to make everyone.  After all, they are sailing into the sunset together :)

These fairies have added touches of wrapping their pipe-cleaner frames with thread and embroidering their clothing.  Dad also got a jacket.  I knew that her favorite color is orange, her boy and new husband like green.  The baby?  He looks dapper in blue :)

And since we can all use a charm or two as we go through these adventurous-days, I added a heart so love will always be close by :)

I adore the joy of handmade gifts.  I make their hair with eyelash yarn and a crochet hook.  They decorated the top of the cupcake tower.  Although I didn't get to think ahead and set up a pretty display.  I learned for next time: floral wire and a boquet of their own :)

Regardless, they go to their new home with lots of love and good wishes for a long, happy life together.  And when the sunset-seas get rough, my beloved cousin and her family can always hold a fairy for inspiration :)

Believe in happy beginnings :)