Fairy Ninjas

We traveled to my nephew's birthday party recently.  We made leprechauns last winter and I made the Fancy Fairy Family for his family.  He loves the magical world.  So much that they have searched for boy-friendly versions of crafts that are not made by Forest Fairy Crafts.  My cousin/sister bought one that she said was impossible for him and a challenge for her.  "Help," she said, "We need more boy-fairies."

He inspires me.  And my own children, of course.  They all love ninjas.

So I had a few questions.  Pointy hat?  Cover the face?  Paint the head?  How do I make a ninja that still belongs in Fairyland?

Then I found these wings in the scrapbooking section of the the craft store.  At first, I wasn't sure what I could use them for, but I loved the ribbon.  Then I was puzzling through my ninja-ideas and, ta-da, inspiration!

Anika needed a girl version, of course.  She collaborated with me.  Her fairy needed hair, skirts, and eyelashes.  Of course.  I wrapped her ninja's legs with black yarn to make leggings.  Ninja-girls are very active.  

I had a solution for the faces, too.  The hats pull down and tuck under the chin so ninjas can eat and smile :)

The ninjas played a lot at the birthday party, and they all live on nightstands now.  A fairy ninja could protect you from any stray nightmare, right?