Fancy Fairies

Every few months I am inspired.  This time, my cousin was celebrating her wedding.  Their blended family has two little boys.  So of course I had to make everyone.  After all, they are sailing into the sunset together :)

These fairies have added touches of wrapping their pipe-cleaner frames with thread and embroidering their clothing.  Dad also got a jacket.  I knew that her favorite color is orange, her boy and new husband like green.  The baby?  He looks dapper in blue :)

And since we can all use a charm or two as we go through these adventurous-days, I added a heart so love will always be close by :)

I adore the joy of handmade gifts.  I make their hair with eyelash yarn and a crochet hook.  They decorated the top of the cupcake tower.  Although I didn't get to think ahead and set up a pretty display.  I learned for next time: floral wire and a boquet of their own :)

Regardless, they go to their new home with lots of love and good wishes for a long, happy life together.  And when the sunset-seas get rough, my beloved cousin and her family can always hold a fairy for inspiration :)

Believe in happy beginnings :)