The Forest This Week

Asia and I are teachers at the Nevada City School of the Arts, a public charter school in Northern California.  Last week was our first week of school.  Asia and I have been busy busy busy with the magic of making a big empty room into an unforgetable learning-space.  And meeting our new and returning students.  And designing fun, engaging, and academic curriculum.

No small tasks.

This week, luckily, I go back to my part-time teaching, so I can return to our forest.  We do have news.  We get to work with Bamboo Family Magazine with guest blogs and (hopefully) a project for the winter issue.  That is exciting.

We're also joining with a new natural toy store coming online soon.  I'll keep you posted with those details.  

And autumn projects are here.  I'm photographing tomorrow so I can share them with you.  Hurrah.

That, I'm planning a bunny gnome giveaway (making sure I have the rules straight before posting).  And I want to add items to the Etsy shop.

Last night was the new moon.  A time to reflect on intentions.  And create magic.