This Week in the Forest

This week is already busy.  I have a bunny costume to make.  My daughter entered her bunny in the Enchanted Costume Contest at the county fair.  So we have a wizard costume to make.  I'm thinking of ways for her to do more of the sewing than me . . .

I also am working on a knitted bunny gnome pattern to post for free.  

Asia has new crafts for me to photograph.  She has a lot of kits ready.  We're going to talk to Tanglewood Forest in Nevada City soon.  I better make some fairies :)

I have two fairies to send off as thank you gifts.  

Oh, and I have a Fairy Sighting and a fairy photo to share.

And I plan to be at the fair teaching the bunny gnome this weekend.  I'll keep you posted about those details.

Off for more fun in the forest :)