Win a Signed Forest Fairy Book

Thank you for helping us create a magical forest! Our book officially releases today! Happy book birthday to the Forest! The fairies and friends are so excited! We are hearing from you that the book has clear (and pretty) directions! Which makes us happy-dance! 

Thank you for sharing the fairies and friends that you are sewing at home. We love seeing them come alive for crafters! 

Thank you for the many wonderful reviews! At Amazon, we already have 5 star reviews, yay! I was so nervous!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To celebrate, we want to give back to you, our community. We want to give a signed book. And since our friends in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and all over the world, were the among the first to buy our little patterns on Etsy, we will ship internationally. Hurrah! The book will be signed by Lenka and Asia. We are happy to write a personalized dedication.

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We haven't offered a giveaway in awhile (busy creating the book) so let us know if you have ideas or questions for us. Copy and paste this link into your HTML code if you would like to embed this widget on your site:

Welcome to the Forest :)