Winter Fair Inspirations

We are setting up our display when our kids dash over. 

"Guess what? She has fairies that look like your ninja, Mom!"

Just across from us was a delightful booth with trees and swings and fairies galore. Her inspiration?

Our book!

She bought our book right before Christmas and started creating an entire world of fairies. 

And I can imagine how she felt when she saw us setting up with our book right across from her display. Of course we made fast friends. And she loved sharing all of the new ideas that she brought to Fairyland.

We feel amazing to see and hear how the book is being used, combined, and built upon to send magic out into the world. What a wonderful enchanted forest!

A pirate ship!

And a hammock. Every princess needs a hammock.

So many clever inspirations. She said that she hadn't made anything like these before, and she was browsing in a local fabric and craft store, Humble Fabrics. She made one and was enchanted!

The cool thing for us was seeing children interect with the display. Quite a few brought a princess of a pirate home for more play.

We love seeing the magic forest grow. Inspiration is delightful!

We found other treasures at the fair as well.

Lovely watercolor display. I want to paint an octopus like this one.

And another crafter created this magic. 

Oh my goodness, such sweetness! Even a little felt candle. Beautiful!

As for our own fairies and crafts, they found new friends too. 

Babies need lots of supervision with fairies, of course. Little beads and bells are not good for eager tasters. Mom was careful and is going to put the fairy on a shelf for celebrating the season. And baby can play now and again. When she wants a good laugh :)

When a new baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born...

~J.M. Barrie

We believe :)