Baby Girl Fairy

A friend had a baby.  She had two boys already and her baby was a girl!  Welcome to the world, baby girl!

I made this fairy special for their family with five points on her crown, one for each person in the family.  I also sewed five sequins in colors that the boys and mom and dad liked.  

She is decoration until the baby is much much older, of course.  Like four years old.  Until then, she is a guardian and bringer of peaceful sleep :).  And dreams of unicorns and rainbows.  

Love baby girls :)

(and boys too, of course.  Must create that fairy soon :))

A Season of Witches

I made witches this weekend.  I brought them to Make Local Habit (local store).  I am constantly amazed how I can take similar supplies and create completely unique fairies.  They take on a life of their own :)

She had a sparkly black felt for her hat and tunic.  Together, they are sweet happy magic :)

I plan to make a few more in the next week before I move on to Harvest Fairies and Holiday Fairies.  I have one on my waiting list that I am busy sewing.  If you are interested in having a witch of your own, contact me soon.

The spooky season passes way too quickly :) 

Fancy Fairies

Every few months I am inspired.  This time, my cousin was celebrating her wedding.  Their blended family has two little boys.  So of course I had to make everyone.  After all, they are sailing into the sunset together :)

These fairies have added touches of wrapping their pipe-cleaner frames with thread and embroidering their clothing.  Dad also got a jacket.  I knew that her favorite color is orange, her boy and new husband like green.  The baby?  He looks dapper in blue :)

And since we can all use a charm or two as we go through these adventurous-days, I added a heart so love will always be close by :)

I adore the joy of handmade gifts.  I make their hair with eyelash yarn and a crochet hook.  They decorated the top of the cupcake tower.  Although I didn't get to think ahead and set up a pretty display.  I learned for next time: floral wire and a boquet of their own :)

Regardless, they go to their new home with lots of love and good wishes for a long, happy life together.  And when the sunset-seas get rough, my beloved cousin and her family can always hold a fairy for inspiration :)

Believe in happy beginnings :)

Fairy Hairclip

The Forest Fairy Hair Clip.  Play with your fairy and wear her, too :)

I didn't get a favorite photo and this fairy is now living in Monterey.  I'll get outside photographs soon (when I make more :)).  She is a lot of fun.  She works really well as a hair decoration.  Anika got a lot of compliments :).  

I need a few of my own before school starts- my students will love them.