Rock Critters

Rock Critters

My favorite kind of crafts are the crafts that surprise me.  This one began at the river.  My niece was visiting and I suggested, "Why don't you collect some rocks?"

"Can we paint them?"

"Maybe.  Sure."

Ian had his birthday party four days later.  I pulled out the rocks for a party-activity.  And . . .

Rock Critters!

This one is my favorite:

Here he is with his collection of colorful treasures:

Ian made a Car Critter

The girls made a few rocks with only one eye.  Their one-eye critters were cute.  Then we discovered you could use the one-eye rocks with the painted rocks to make faces.  


Even more fun!

I'll post the crafting photos soon of the kids painting these beauties.  We used washable paint, let that dry, and then I coated them with a layer of Modge Podge sealer.  We used tacky glue for the eyes and antenna.  

A last moment with the little blue critter :)

My favorite crafts make me smile :)