Sew Sweet Ornaments

Sew Sweet Felt Ornaments

Hurrah, the holidays are here!  In our home, we celebrate each year with a hand-crafted ornament.  They show us the years in a story.  "I remember making this!" my daughter said with excitement.

This is very impressive since she painted it when she was one :)

This year, we are sewing. My three-year-old sewed the beads and sequins on his tree.

Can you guess his favorite color?

I know he'll be reminscing about this tree in future years.  And we want to share the fun.  You can download the tutorial for these very easy felt ornaments.  Children get to decorate both sides so it is a perfect first project for children learning to sew.  Older children can trace other shapes around cookie cutters and get fancy with their stitching and decorating.  We hope that you enjoy the craft!

Happy Holidays!

Click here to download the PDF tutorial

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The Moment

Why I Sew with Children, Part 1: The Moment

It happens every time.  I might be threading the twentieth needle, or cutting out the thirty-first piece of felt.  And I wonder, "Why am I doing this?"  Just about any other project would be easier.  Painting, gluing, drawing.  None of those risk injury.  

Yesterday I questioned myself as I told the class that we would be sewing ornaments.  I was with my youngest students, fours and fives.  They could barely stand still to hear the two directions.  I sew one-on-one with a child while the other children play or read or draw.  

At this age, the children constantly bump against me.  One tipped the bowl of beads and sequins before he chose his two colors of felt.  "He doesn't know where he begins and ends," I said, smiling, to the class teacher.  

And I was handing him a sharp needle?  And holding the felt while he controlled the needle?  Holding the felt is important for the youngest sewers (see our Magical Secrets).  He didn't even want to sit down.  He shifted weight from foot to foot.  I took a deep breath.  Here we go, I thought.  I handed him the needle.

He studied it for a minute.  The first stitches were shaky, barely looking at the felt before pushing the needle through.  He dug around in the beads, at first just to hear the noise, then with serious intenton to find his favorite colors.

And then . . . then the moment.  He sat down.  His feet went still.  He looked at me, really looked at me, then again at his work.  And for the next few minutes.  He was completely focused.

We shared a lovely converstation about colors he chose for his sister and mom and dad.  He took the felt from me as his confidence grew.  And he sewed with intention.  

This is why I sew with children.

Because life is not all about Math Facts and Sight Words.  Life challenges us to be focused, invested, careful, and calm.  Life challenges us to give of ourselves, to see that we can make magic.  

And sewing with children lets me feel magic.  That moment is magic.

Tutorial for our Sew Sweet ornaments will be posted soon :)

*Please note: I mixed a couple of students together to write the story.  Magic happened with the boy in the photos, but he was not the one that tipped the bowl of sequins :).  I just want to be fair and true as I share :)