Happy Spring

Hurrah! Spring is here! And with spring comes all the petals and colors and inspiration of spring. Now is the perfect time to make little fairies for Easter Baskets. Or gift the book Magical Forest Fairy Crafts through the Seasons for delightful crafting with little people in your life. Celebrate the many ways we grow together! We’re excited to bring out all the colors of spring. Happy changing of the seasons!

And to our friends on the opposite hemisphere, happy Autumn!

And, if you want even more fairy magic, discover our first book, Forest Fairy Crafts 🌸

Happy Spring from Forest Fairy Crafts
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Spring Delights and Ideas

The sunshine is changing, can you feel it? There's a warmth that speaks to longer, lighter days. It's easy to stand in those little pockets of sunshine and soak it up. Of course, parts of the world are deep in winter. Here, though, spring is coming! And we couldn't be happier to see it arrive. Fairyland loves the springtime. We collect our favorite inspirations on our Pinterest board, Spring Delights.

We curated a few of the projects that look especially charming this year. The Easter bunnies are hard at work getting everything ready for Easter. Perhaps one of these projects may find its way into a basket in your home. Or you may want to make one with a child as spring days inspire you.

Egg Pockets perfect for hiding little gnomes inside by Rachel Wolf

Wee Brown Bunny Gift Bags are the cutest! Learn how to make them with 

This Stuffie Bunny and Artful Egg is a charming alternative to plastic eggs. Learn how to make the bunny and the egg with The Adventures of Bluegirlxo

Aw, a Butterfly Finger Puppet makes exploring a spring garden enchanting. Margaret Bloom shares how to make one on We Bloom Here

These Bunny Fingerpuppets enjoy romping in the garden as well. Their little tails! Learn how to make them with Molly's Sketchbook.

Spring Fairies | Bendy Dolls by Lenka Vodicka for Forest Fairy Crafts

Of course the fairies love springtime! They change into all the colors of blossoms and green growing sprouts and blue skies. Have fun mixing the colors of spring! All the details for making them are in our Forest Fairy Craft book*. The little leaf babies are another favorite springtime craft from the book.

Blossom Baby by Asia Currie at Forest Fairy Crafts

So many wonderful ways to celebrate springtime! We look forward to seeing all of your amazing crafts. Enjoy spring magic :)

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Spring Treasure Keepers

Spring means longer days, sunshine, and outdoor adventures. Every adventurer needs a place to keep stones, shells, and little treasure. Asia designed the perfect project for spring. First grade students (6 years old) at the Nevada City School of the Arts sewed these wonderful Treasure Keepers.

Aren't these adorable? 

The class was studying insects. Each student chose an insect to feature on their treasure keeper bag.

Butterflies were popular for decorating the little bags.

Asia and I both love the Ladybug too :)

And this little one is so original. He's a little tricky to photograph with the black on dark blue felt, but he's an awesome beetle.

So cool!

Asia made the bags using the pattern on page 123 of our Forest Fairy Crafts book. The handles were created with fingerknitting, shown on pages 124-125 and castle-knitting. Castle knitting isn't in the book (sorry!). We are working on a tutorial for making your own. Or you could use one like this

The children have lots of ideas for going on nature walks to fill their bags with found treasures. Welcome spring!

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Happy Spring!