Autumn in the Forest

Hurrah for autumn! The fairies, gnomes, and critters are so excited for the changing season. They decorate with colorful garlands of russet and burgundy. Dance in the falling leaves. Snack on crisp apples and pumpkin pie. We love so many things about autumn!

We are often asked what is in each book celebrating the season. Of course, we invite crafters to bring their own creative vision to each project. Its easy to make any fairy (or mermaid or gnome) into a fall theme using colors of autumn, from burnt umber to bright orange.

Of course, you could also purchase both books which will give you all the crafts :)

Autumn in Forest Fairy Crafts

  • Witch, Wizard, and Warlock

  • Pumpkin Fairy

  • Zombies

  • Cat Treasure Keeper (customize with colors)

  • Owl Pocket Treasure Keeper

Autumn in Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons

  • Autumn Gnome

  • Autumn Fairies with Leaf Wings

  • Chubby Cat Stuffy

  • Chubby Fox Stuffy

  • Autumn Leaf Garland

Click here for a FREE tutorial for Moody Pumpkins

Moody Pumpkins are a fun fall activity that also invites conversations about moods, and how we look when happy or sad or mad. These conversations can feel obvious to adults, yet creating a way to show different expressions can be super helpful for young children. We’re happy to share the activity with all of you. And they’re fun decorations!

We wish everyone a fun and creative autumn! And, if you’re on the opposite end of the world, happy spring! We have you covered with plenty of spring crafts too :)

We look forward to crunching through leaves while watching colors blaze on our favorite trees. We look forward to harvest treats and adventures. And we look forward to collecting our gratitudes as the season gets underway.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

* post does contain affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase our books, a small amount returns to the forest while your price remains the same. Thank you!