Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Leprechauns wish you a delightful Saint Patrick’s Day!

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The leprechauns found gold! Here’s to all the little folk surprising little people with magical antics today!

The leprechaun gold is actually pebbles painted with gold paint (not for little people that taste their toys).

The directions for these leprechauns are in the first Forest Fairy Craft book, which can be downloaded so you can make them today or any day :)

Photo credit 📷C&T Publishing

The fairies of the forest send lots of good luck to you and your family today 🍀💛💚

Leprechaun Ninja

Edit to add: Thank you everyone for entering! The Leprechaun Ninja is traveling to her new home with Jenn. We appreciate all of your kind words! We’re busy creating for the next giveaway. Visit again soon and/or subscribe to our newsletter for all the updates :)

The past few years have seen Leprechauns learning new skills. And a very secret type of Leprechaun is the Leprechaun Ninja. What, what? Think about who protects the gold, who can change rainbows, and who is willing to put everything on the line for adventure? Especially with the rise of Leprechaun Traps in the world, these ninjas enjoy going on quests to help their communities.

We had a great time making her one rainy afternoon. My daughter thought of the idea for rainbow braids, because Leprechauns are fond of rainbows (another meaning to gold at the end of the rainbow being a golden personality :)).

Leprechaun Ninja from Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

That led to a little challenge, which is usually solved by gluing the hat on the head. Adding the yarn for the hair leaves a little patch bare on the back of her head. I wanted the hat to be able to go on and off since her smile is cute. We solved this by painting the back of her head with a tiny bit of green paint, which looks like her hair color. The wings mostly cover the back of her head anyway.

And she looks so cute from the front with her braids and no hat :)

She is now a favorite new character in fairyland. We’ve been having fun mixing and matching different characters lately. Directions for both the Ninja and the Leprechaun are in our first Forest Fairy Crafts book*.

Leprechaun Ninja from Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

She even has a glow-in-the-dark bead on her hat to light her way at night :)

Now, for the best news of the day. She wants to explore. So we’re hosting a giveaway!

Winner wins the leprechaun ninja made by Lenka sent anywhere in the United States (apologies to International friends). Forest Fairies are not appropriate for young children who enjoy tasting their toys (choking hazard).

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We hope your month is filled with magic :)

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Wishing you the magic of the season 🍀💚

For more leprechaun ideas, visit our post about Leprechaun Babies and Happy Leprechaun Season. Enjoy 💛

Happy Leprechaun Season

It's the season of little people. They're in the leaves and under newly blooming flowers. They're finding beams of warming sunshine to warm their wings. Creating leprechauns is yearly magic. Of course, they may appear thanks to an adult inviting them into a home (making one to leave in a special place). Instead of building a "trap" which was popular for awhile, we build leprechaun homes, places where they want to stay and enjoy a cup of tea while they sort their gold trinkets. 

This year, I created a new leprechaun with sparkly gold hair and green felt. She wears skirts of green and white speckled with glitter (I was lucky enough to find the glitter-strewn carnations at a craft store). 

Along the way, leprechauns bring stories of magic and luck. Whatever your family story, enjoy creating these magical friends. Make the luck of the little people be with you!

Other leprechaun crafts include : 

Play with Your Crafts: Making Houses

Leprechaun Babies

Of course Leprechauns are in our first Forest Fairy Crafts Book, which you can use for year-round crafty friends *affiliate link gives a small amount to us should you choose to purchase the book while your price remains the same. We all win :)

Playing with Craft

Children love inspiration. Don't we all?

Making toys inspires children. They delight in the power of their hands and ideas. I recently sewed these lovely baby leprechauns with six year old students. Children sewed all their own sequins, around the fairy baby, and added stuffing. They were delighted with the little toys they made.What a treat, to see that magic through their eyes. Look what we can create!


Sorry this one is a little blurry- classrooms have tricky lighting for my camera :)

Then the children reminded me the real fun of sewing and crafting. Crafting is inspiration. And the craft is just the beginning. Crafts inspire play. And play inspires storytelling. And learning.

Now that they had little friends, they needed houses. What could build a house?

Blocks of course!


And some homes need a diving board into a lovely cool pool.


With a luxury view from the bedroom.

Legos also make awesome homes. With an open door :)


I encourage students to leave blank faces so they can imagine any expression, but a few insist on adding features. I let go when they have strong feelings towards needing eyes or mouths. After all, if I wanted it to look 'my way', I would make my own :)

I loved her idea to put a ring over the ruffled hat for an even fancier crown.

And finally, dollhouses are wonderful homes. Especially when they come with a pet tiger :)


Enjoy what you create!

Happy day :)

Many of our crafts are "Keepsake Crafts", meaning they look nice for years and become a treasured memory alongside the sweet sewing. Every now and again, I sew "Process Crafts" with children. These are the crafts to shove in pockets and forget outside after playing in the trees. They are the crafts that are meant for playing. They are a chance to let go. Don't worry overmuch about colors or forever. Let them become a memory. Become part of a story. Have fun crafting and playing :)

P.S.- if you would like detailed directions for making little fairy/gnome friends, check out our Forest Fairy Craft Book. Please note- is an affiliate link. Thank you from the forest should you decide to purchase one! Directions for the little hats are online here. Enjoy!

Leprechaun Baby

Hello wee leprechaun!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today I get to sew with little friends in first grade. I will be taking photos to share of course. I had to make a sample for them. And it's so fun to make these little leprechauns. I used the Blossom Baby pattern on Page 99 of our Forest Fairy Crafts book. I used green felt and green and gold sequins.

I was a little creative with the hat. I didn't have enough acorn caps for my class project. And I want to finish them and send them home today. That means I needed to glue hats the day before. I made the hats ahead of time. And I had fun with the design.

I cut a rectangle with curvy lines (I just measured around the 5/8" bead, very scientific). It came out to 2" if you are curious. I made a few taller and a few shorter. I like every fairy to be unique :)

The next step would be tricky for children, but I sewed all these hats so I was okay with a few tricks :). I ran a stitch near the top of the hat. Note: for children, I always double the thread and knot so the needle won't pull off. These were for me. I've had a lot of practice :)

I cinched the thread tight and tied a knot so it wouldn't come loose. I am pondering how to best teach this to children... more on that soon. Anyway, I folded the hat in half and sewed a few stiches along the back.

Easy cuteness!

Ready to glue :)

I could have added sequins or a clover of course, but I have one day to finish these. I wanted the children to sew sequins on the body, sew around the outside, stuff, and close up. Will be fun! 

Wishing you lots of magic today!

Tip: Last summer I realized that curvy lines were a challenge for cutting, yet looked wonderful. I took the leap and treated myself to a rotary cutter. I love the curves for blossoms and mermaid waves. It took me ages to choose, so here's the link in case you are interested: OLFA Rotary Cutterwith the Olfa Scallop Blade. And I use a small cutting mat (not photographed). It's been a great investment!  

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